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RMS Operating System

RMS is more than a product; it's a strategy. A strategy offering these key benefits:
  • Increased Performance
  • Expanded Flexibility
RMS is the implementation of the premium peer-to-peer Networked Operating System on industry standard hardware platforms.

Performance - RMS supports the latest hardware technology including single and multiple processors, advanced disk technology, and high speed system buses. The continued enhancements to RMS promotes compatibility allowing hardware platforms to increase throughput from previous generation systems.

Flexibility - The RMS strategy ensures that users will have access to new hardware technologies as soon as they become available positioning users to reap the full benefits of system evolutions.. RMS operates on virtually all Intel based single and multiprocessor platforms.

RMS provides support for industry standard platforms using:
  • RAID technology
  • Up to 4GB of system memory
  • Ultra Wide, Ultra-2, LVD SCSI and IDE disks
  • Industry standard tape drives
  • Industry standard system bus and local cache techniques.
Upgrading to current versions of RMS is easy and your existing applications will continue to run and will in most instances perform better.

DatapointUSA continues to enhance and extend the features and functions of RMS.

Some clear directions of the RMS strategy are:
  • Commitment to future Intel microprocessor-based systems
  • Support for higher capacity and faster access peripheral devices
  • Integration of connectivity options as new standards and technologies gain market acceptance
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